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Pesticides: the imminent danger

We need to save our rivers – “Em nome de quê?” – “To what end?”

Ashaninka: Demarcate to Save

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One man’s bread is another man’s poison
One man’s bread is another man’s poison. Banished from other countries, pesticides are consumed by a large part of the Brazilian population. In 2017, 60 thousand tons of items such as paraquat, atrazine and acephate were spread on the country’s plantations. Europe holds the concentration of headquarters of the major companies in the pesticide segment, […]
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Those who love the land, care about it
Those who love, care. Indigenous peoples have an umbilical link with the land and treat it with all the affection it deserves. Much of the native vegetation preserved in Brazil is due to them. Without their help, we will hardly be able to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement – whose implementation rules are […]
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