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What does water mean to you? – “Em nome de quê?” – To What end?

Antonia Melo, guardian of the Xingu River

Environmental impacts from hydroelectric plant in the Tapajós

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Deforestation reduction was exaggerated
Moving a comma. The government announced that the country have already meet its goal of reducing emissions by 2020. This account leads to a decrease in deforestation between 2016 and 2017. According to experts in the area, this would be a rather unlikely, an exaggerated projection. One example: Amazon deforestation is still at 6,957 km², […]
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Damming the future
The Brazilian government is going against the tide and trying to cover up the obvious. To dam a river is to block the future. With the new technologies for electricity production, it does not make sense to build large hydroelectric plants: the number of wind farms has been growing at a rate of more than […]
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