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Brazil needs to reduce deforestation by 43%
In order not to get a bad reputation, Brazil needs to reduce deforestation by 43% by 2020 – in two years. The country made a commitment in 2009 to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change and you have to be very optimistic to believe that it will stick to it. The analysis is from […]
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PNaRA is the antidote against the pesticide bill
Poison Bill Proposal (BP), 6299/2002 – which repeals the pesticide Law, 1989 – has an antidote, and it is called PNaRA. A Política Nacional de Redução de Agrotóxicos (The National Policy for the Reduction of pesticides) (this is its full name), or BP 6670/2016, is a popular initiative which purpose is to implement measures that […]
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