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We need to save our rivers – “Em nome de quê?” – “To what end?”

Ailton Krenak’s speech in Congres

Indigenous People and Climate Change

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Onde eu nasci passa um rio Que passa no igual sem fim Igual, sem fim, minha terra Passava dentro de mim Where I was born flows a river That flows in the endless equal Equal, no end, my land That passed inside me (Caetano Veloso) Something serious happens in the heart of São Paulo.  Its […]
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Woman is the first quilombola with a masters degree in Law in the country
Vercilene Francisco Dias is a master in pioneerism.  The lawyer became the first quilombola woman with a masters degree in Law in the country.  In her thesis at the Federal University of Goiás, she analyzed the land regularization of the Kalunga Quilombo, the largest in the country.  Although she was happy with her achievement, Vercilene […]
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