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Sonia Guajajara and Alicia Keys in Rock in Rio

Opportunities gained from Forest Restoration

Quilombo Ivaporunduva: Freedom

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Rio de Janeiro under water
This image may no longer be merely illustrative. A new tool developed by NASA tries to predict how 293 port cities around the world – including Rio de Janeiro, Recife and Belém – will be affected by melting glaciers in the polar  regions of the world. Using images from the Grace satellite, it is known […]
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The quilombo is part of history
Zumbi dos Palmares, the lord of the demands, was also known as Sweka, “invisible man”, in the Kikongo language. But what for him was a gift was actually a curse on those who carried on his struggle. Although there are communities dating from the sixteenth century, until very recently invisibility was a mark of the […]
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