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Affective memory with the rivers – “Em nome de quê?” – “To What end?”

Xingu, o clamor que vem da floresta (long version)

Agroforestry – Life in Syntropy

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Jamaica will prohibit single use plastic
More positive vibes are coming from the land that gave us Bob Marley: The Jamaican government will prohibit import, production, distribution and use of single use plastic products, like bags, styrofoam and straws. The first round of prohibitions, plastic bags, will enter into effect January 2019. At the same time, Development Bank of Jamaica is […]
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A sustainable economy
Sustainable development and economy are already leading up to the Nobel Prize in Economics. This year’s award went to Americans William Nordhaus and Paul Romer for their studies on the interaction between climate, technological innovations, economics, and public policy. The world has been focusing more on research related to the area; and not for nothing, […]
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