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“Em nome de quê?” – To what end? – Sacred waterfalls

How important is Forest Restoration?

Belo Monte ignored common sense

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Brazilian Indians Fight Legally for Funai
We have a Constitution, and differently than a lot of people around, the indigenous peoples know how to use it.  They are seeking the Justice system to try and reverse Provisional Measure 870/2019, signed by the President on January 1st.  The PM takes away from Funai the attribution to demarcate their land and transfers it […]
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The power of words
In 1938, a then unknown actor and movie director did a dramatization on radio that brought panic to the North American cities.  That fear, however, had no reason to exist.  It was Orson Welles narrating an alien invasion in the science fiction book “The War of the Worlds”, by British writer Herbert George Wells.  The […]
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