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Veneno Zero – No to pesticides

Salada de agrotóxicos, salad of pesticides

Salad is seasoned with olive oil and vinegar, not with pesticides like Emamectin Benzoate. The substance, banned in Brazil since 2010, was liberated as part of hidden decisions and votes in the dark of night last year. And they could put more poison on our table if the draft bill (PL) 6299/02, which makes the use of pesticides more flexible in Brazil, is approved in the National Congress.

The Venom bill is authored by none other than the Minister for Agriculture Blairo Maggi, tireless deforester and winner of the 2005 Golden Chainsaw Award.

The bill is currently being dealt with by a special committee of the House, which will decide whether or not they take the vote to the House plenary.

In the beginning of may A Drop in the Ocean engaged in the campaign #ChegaDeAgrotóxicos (NoMorePesticides), headed by Greenpeace, Fiocruz, Idec, Abrasco and other institutions. We published their campaign on our social networks, with the help of actors Marcos Palmeira and Mateus Solano, who sent us support videos.

The next committee meeting is scheduled for the 29th May 2018. Follow the progress of the process here and learn more about the campaign and sign the petition here (Portuguese).

More information:

Antes proibido, perigoso agrotóxico é liberado no Brasil

Famosos se manifestam contra mudanças na lei de agrotóxicos


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