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Tamuaté-Aki (WeHaveHadItUpToHere) is a Campaign made by Uma Gota no Oceano and film maker Marcos Prado which seeks to give voice to the claims of indigenous peoples, whose rights are constantly threatened. It was a partnership with the actors Leticia Sabatella, Fernando Alves Pinto, Maria Paula Fidalgo, Marcos Palmeira, Toni Garrido and his daughter Isadora, Marcelo Bonfá, Cacau Protásio, Letícia Persiles, Ana Lima, Charles Gavin, Wagner Moura, Angelo Antonio, Carla Daniel , Dira Paes, Giulia Gam, Guilhermina Guinle and daughter Minna, Alexia Dechamps, Cláudia Ohana, Jorge Pontual and Thaila Ayala, and surfer Pedro Scooby.

Demarcação, já! (Demarcation now!). The more than 305 Brazilian indigenous peoples characterize a heritage of Brazil’s socio-cultural diversity reflected in their knowledge and ways of life with 274 languages and an immense variety of artistic and ritual expressions. The demarcation of Indigenous Territories (ITs), now paralyzed, is a basic condition for the survival for these peoples.

Most ITs in Brazil suffer invasions, impacts of construction works, and often indigenous people reap the perverse results of what happens even outside their lands, in the regions that surround them: pollution of rivers by pesticides, deforestation, etc. Nevertheless, in some Brazilian regions almost all that remains of the native vegetation is in the ITs and the Conservation Units.

We believe that the diversity and plurality of Brazilian society are fundamental to building another future for humanity and the planet.

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Tamuateaki – Pelos direitos indígenas

Artistas apoiam campanha a favor dos direitos dos índios

Nos 514 anos da invasão, artistas se unem contra projetos legislativos anti-indígenas e pedem demarcação

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Tamuaté-aki: os índios não aguentam mais




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