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Our history did not begin in 1988

Marco temporal - temporal mark - temporal demarcation -Uma Gota no Oceano - A Drop in the Ocean -Nossa História não começou em 1988

On August 16, 2017, the Federal Supreme Court ruled on two actions on Indigenous Lands (ITs) in Mato Grosso. This is because the state filed a suit against the Federal Union of Brasil and Funai, asking for financial compensation for the ITs demarcated in the region, among them the Xingu Park, the Nambikwára and the Pareci.

The Articulation of the Indigenous Peoples of Brazil (Apib) called upon various organizations, A Drop in the Ocean, the Indigenous Missionary Council (CIMI), the Socioenvironmental Institute (ISA), among others, to help with the campaign in favor of these indigenous peoples. Gota then produced the campaign artwork and press releases as well as contacting the press in Brasilia to cover the event.

At the trial, the ministers of the Supreme Federal Court unanimously understood, based on anthropological and expert reports, that these lands were always owned by the indigenous peoples, and thus no compensation was due to Mato Grosso.

Also on the agenda on August 16 was an action on the Indigenous Land Ventarra, which could set in motion the thesis of the unconstitutional “temporal demarcation” of indigenous lands. According to the thesis, only the peoples who occupied the lands on the day of the promulgation of the Federal Constitution, October 5, 1988, would be entitled to land, ignoring the fact that before that, many indigenous peoples were forcibly removed. However, the action was removed from the agenda of the day and was not closed. The new date will is still to be set by the Supreme Court.

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