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30 movies and series that help transform the world

Filmes e séries que ajudam a transformar o mundo/ movies and series that help transform the world / filmes y series que ayudan a transformar el mundo (Foto: Sebastião Salgado)

Get the popcorn ready! Uma Gota no Oceano has created a list of movies and series that help transform the world. All are available online, and can help you better understand the transformations the Earth is going through.
Among so many qualities and benefits, movies can also help to review concepts. Discussions of relevant themes on the big screen have contributed to engaging people on issues such as the environment, climate change and the urgent need to do something to change the way we are taking care of the planet.
Let’s enjoy the arrival of the cold and end Environment Week in front of the TV.
Call your friends, your family, your crush, and enjoy!


Check out a list with the 30 movies and series that help transform the world:


1. Our Planet (2019) – Mini-series (8ep)

With images never seen before, this ambitious documentary brings our planet’s natural beauty and shows how climate change has an impact over all living creatures.  Available on Netflix.

2. Ser Tão Velho Cerrado (2018) 1h36min

This documentary portrays the social and environmental impact of the Brazilian Cerrado, which suffers from intense deforestation.  Available on Netflix.

3. Chasing Coral (2017) 1h29min

Divers, scientists and photographers from around the world team up in an epic underwater campaign to document the disappearance of coral reefs. Available on Netflix.

4. Para onde foram as andorinhas? (2017) 22min

The weather is changing, the heat increasing. The indigenous of the Xingu observe the signs that are everywhere. Trees no longer bloom, fire spreads burning in the forest, cicadas do not sing anymore announcing the rain because the heat has cooked their eggs. The fruits of the field are spoiling before they grow. As they look at the devastating effects of these changes, they wonder what the future of their grandchildren will look like. Available on Youtube.

5. An Inconvenient Sequel:  Truth to Power (2017) 1h37min

Ten years after the Academy Award® winner An Inconvenient Truth brought the climate change issue before the eyes of dominant culture, An Inconvenient Sequel:  Truth to Power is more relevant than ever. Join former Vice President Al Gore in his relentless fight, touring the globe to inform and inspire the next generation of climate champions. Insightful and alarming, this compelling sequence shows that while the risks are greater than ever, solutions to the climate crisis are still within our reach. Available on Youtube Movies.

6. Minimalism:  A Documentary About The Important Things (2016) 1h18min

More than a documentary about conscious consumption, it deals with the things that really matter for us to have a life with more purpose. People who believe that material assets do not bring happiness are interviewed in this documentary which addresses the issue: less is more? Available on Netflix.

7. The Ivory Game (2016) 1h52min

A battle for survival. The lucrative ivory trade is putting at risk one of the most majestic species of wildlife: elephants. To fight this rampant hunt, activists will put their lives at risk in an attempt to end one of the black market crimes in Asia that are destroying the lives of these animals. Available on Netflix.

8. A Plastic Ocean (2016) 1h40min

When he discovers that the oceans are filled with plastic, a documentary filmmaker investigates the impacts of environmental pollution. The Plastic Ocean Foundation is a British organization whose purpose is to suggest solutions to the problem of plastic waste on the planet. The documentary explores areas affected by this type of pollution, evidencing damage to flora and fauna. Available on Netflix.

9. Before The Flood (2016) 1h36min

A long-standing problem is becoming increasingly serious. Temperature changes, floods, and other similar phenomena have become increasingly common, and what has been done in an attempt to soften this situation? It is in the quest for answers to these questions that Leonardo DiCaprio embraces the mission of witnessing climate change in various countries, and in a way never seen before. Available on Netflix.

10. Sustainable (2016) 1h31min 

Chef Rick Bayless, farmers and others discuss the story that led to the movement for sustainable food and how that can change what we will eat in the future. Available on Netflix.

11. Bikes vs Cars (2015) 1h27min

São Paulo, Los Angeles and Copenhagen. Drivers, cyclists, taxi drivers, governors, experts and pedestrians from the big cities express their different points of view on this global challenge. Available on Youtube Movies.

12. Belo Monte Depois da Inundação (2015) 54min

Belo Monte After the Flood is a documentary that reports the current situation in the city of Altamira and region. The film compares the many promises made by Federal Government and contractors during negotiations to build the dam with the current situation through interviews with local residents, activists and indigenous peoples. Available on Youtube.

13. Catching the sun (2015) 1h13min

This documentary explores the global economy of the recent solar energy industry and its impact on hopeful US job hunters. Available on Netflix.

14. The Salt of the Earth (2015) 1h52min

The film tells a bit about the long trajectory of renowned Brazilian photographer Sebastião Salgado and presents his ambitious project “Gênesis”, an expedition that aims to record, from images, civilizations and regions of the planet so far unexplored. Nominated OSCAR 2015: Best Documentary. Available on Youtube Movies.

15. Terra (2015) 1h37min 

With breathtaking views, this documentary reflects on our relationship with other creatures of the world as humanity moves away from nature. Available on Netflix.

16. Cowspiracy (2014) – 1h30min

This documentary shows how intensive farming is decimating the planet’s natural resources and why this crisis has been ignored by large environmental groups. Available on Netflix and Youtube.

17. Mission Blue (2014) 1h36min

A team of about 100 people, including scientists and activists, flock to the Galapagos Islands to build a global network of marine protected areas. Oceanographer Dr. Sylvia Earle leads the group. They idealize underwater national parks to preserve the ecosystem that keeps the human being alive. Available on Netflix.

18. Blackfish (2013) 1h23min

On February 24, 2010, experienced trainer Dawn Brancheau is attacked by the orca whale with whom she performed at SeaWorld. The case had worldwide repercussions and raised questions about the conditions that the animals lived in captivity and the safety of the coaches themselves sharing the same pool with them during the shows. The documentary investigates the history of orca whale shows in the United States, showing that accidents of this type are not so rare. Available on Youtube Movies.

19. Belo Monte – O anúncio de uma guerra (2012) 1h45min

Belo Monte is a hydroelectric plant that the government plans to install in the heart of the Amazon, in the Xingu River, in the city of Altamira, Pará. The documentary is an independent and collective project about this work, filmed during three expeditions to the Xingu, revealing the backstage of the most controversial work planned in Brazil, with interviews with key stakeholders, including indigenous leaderships (such as Chiefs Raoni and Megaron), the Attorney General (Felício Pontes), Funai president (Márcio Meira ) and local politicians in favor of construction. Available on Youtube Movies.

20. Trashed (2012) 1h37min

Trashed directed by Candida Brady, is a documentary that serves as a lesson and alert. It timidly accuses governments of not caring about the fate of garbage and emphatically urges viewers to do their part, starting by avoiding the use of plastic bags and separating recyclable material at home. Available on Vimeo.

21. Lixo Extraordinário (2011) 1h38min

It shows an analysis of the work of plastic artist Vik Muniz in Jardim Gramacho, located in the city of Duque de Caxias (RJ), one of the largest sanitary landfills in the world. Available on Youtube.

22. The Age of Stupid (2009) 1h29min

For anyone who cares about the state of our planet, this is a must-see movie. The director is former rock drummer and self-proclaimed filmmaker Franny Armstrong. A mix of documentary, fiction and animation, it tells the shocking story of the destruction of the Earth, caused by the foolishness of humanity. Available on Youtube.

23. Home (2009) 2h

After the Earth undergoes various human interferences, all the riches of the planet are at risk. And, in spite of the enormity of the evil interventions that humans cause to Planet Earth, it is possible to observe from the skies that it is too soon to be pessimistic: it is possible to rebuild the earth’s riches and stop the destruction. Available on Youtube.

24. Food, Inc. (2008) 1h34min

A documentary presents the reality behind the food industries, which make it harder for consumers to know the true source of what they are buying or ingesting. The reality that the industry tries to hide at all costs is based on a perverse scenario: a life of suffering, torture and confinement of animals that are exploited for human consumption. Available on Youtube.

25. They Killed Sister Dorothy (2008) 1h34min

Documentary about the death in February 2005 of Sister Dorothy Stang, a Catholic nun and activist, at the age of 73. Murdered in Pará, Brazil, she had been struggling for 30 years along with environmentalists and the underprivileged local community against the exploitation of powerful loggers and landowners. Available on Youtube.

26. Blue Gold – World Water Wars (2008) 1h29min

Director Sam Bozzo tries to map how the mineral resource has been managed in the last decades. The filmmaker predicts that the biggest global conflicts of the future will be driven by scarce water reserves. In a scenario of water crises around the world, the film helps to understand how water is about to become one of the most valuable commodities in foreign trade. Available on Youtube.

27. The Story of Stuff (2007) 21min

From extraction and production to sale, consumption and disposal, all products in our lives affect communities in many countries, most of them far from our eyes. The Story of Stuff reveals the connections between various environmental and social problems, and is a wake up call for the urgency of creating a more sustainable and just world. Available on Youtube.

28. The 11th Hour (2007) 1h35min

Caused by humanity itself, floods, hurricanes and a series of tragedies devastate the planet every day. The documentary shows how Earth has come to this point: how the ecosystem has been destroyed and, above all, what can be done to reverse this picture. Interviews with more than 50 renowned scientists, thinkers and leaders help to clarify these important issues and to indicate the alternatives still possible. Available on Youtube.

29. An Inconvenient Truth (2006) 1h36min

Former US Vice President Al Gore presents a warning and impressive vision of the future of our planet and our civilization in the most important documentary of the year. It is an alert that crosses myths and misconceptions to reveal the message that global overheating is a real and immediate danger. An Inconvenient Truth brings Gore’s convincing argument that we need to act now to save the Earth. Each and every one of us can change this situation in the way we live our daily lives and become part of the solution. Available on Youtube Movies.

30. The Corporation (2002) 2h25min

The documentary shows that whoever controls the world today are corporations, through the media, institutions and politicians. Through their lobbies with governments and their marketing tools, they define consumer trends in electronics, clothing, food, entertainment, and even medicines. Available on Youtube.

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