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Environmental impacts from hydroelectric plant in the Tapajós

Quilombo Ivaporunduva: Freedom

Climate Change, What Do You Have to Do with It?

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Opening the gates to deforestation
The politicians in Amazon region want to open the gates to deforestation once and for all. They should be protecting and savouring state’s biodiversity, after all, it is their greatest wealth. The parliamentarians presented a Bill proposal to reduce the ​environmental protection areas by 37.9%. The areas were created under the Dilma government. On the […]
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Court suspends the Belo Sun license
We were able to stop the monster. But only for a little while. The Altamira court (PA) suspended the construction license of the Belo Sun mining project. This aberration wants to extract gold from the Volta Grande region in Xingu. There is a great risk that an environmental disaster the size of Mariana repeats itself […]
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