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Sonia Guajajara and Alicia Keys in Rock in Rio

Agroforestry – Life in Syntropy

Opportunities gained from Forest Restoration

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The Xingu river: from heaven to hell
Imagine that you live in a part of heaven and decide to turn it into Hell. This is what happened to Gilliard Juruna, chief of the Muratu village, in Volta Grande do Xingu. Ever since they built the Belo Monte Power Plant, at 6:00 p.m. everyone locks themselves inside to escape the mosquitoes, which multiplied […]
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The Amazon: Biodiversity, flying rivers and rain generator
There is a lot of life at stake: one in ten known animal and plant species on the planet are native to the Amazon. And this biodiversity keeps surprising us: two weeks ago, WWF-Brazil and the Mamirauá Institute released a new report, in which they presented more than 381 new species to the world. Just […]
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