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The Batak People’s Anguish

Deforestation Does not Make Sense

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Agro-organic coffee and guaraná
There is a lot of coffee, guaraná and Brazil nuts coming from agro-organic systems in the Amazon. This is the work of hundreds of family farmers in the Cooperative of Rural Producers Organized for Mutual Assistance (Coocaram), in Ji-Paraná (RO), in the middle of the forest. There is a partnership with indigenous peoples and rubber […]
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We are all water
The human body contains 75% water, that is, not only can we not live without water, it is even possible to say that, physically, we are water. Science has made us aware of this connection, but this knowledge has not prevented us from drying lakes, degrading rivers, and polluting seas. On March 22, World Water Day […]
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